Fri. Aug 14th, 2020


Sach Ka Saathi

About Us

DakTimes News is a National news portal based in Uttar Pradesh, India, with special focus on Uttar Pradesh. We reach citizens throughout the globe – anywhere, anytime on your laptop, tablet and mobile – in just one touch. It brings a beautiful blend of text, audio and video on Politics, National, International, Bureaucracy, Sports, Business, Health, Education, Food, Travel, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Wheels and Gadgets. Founded in 2017, by a young journalist Rupesh Kumar Verma And Ravindra Tripathi, DakTimes News meets the demands of everybody. It particularly feeds the needs of the youth – the real force behind the dynamic, courageous and confident India. Our motto is: Fast, Fair and Fearless.
Head Office – Address
In Front Of Namak Theki
Nagar Panchayat , Thana Road
Nichlaul , PIN - 273304
Dist - Maharajganj
State - Uttar Pradesh

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